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Heroes & Villains, Saints & Fools:
The People in the Book

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Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz | Tali Adler | Rabbi Pinchas Allouche |
Ruth Weiss Bergman | MK Dr. Ruth CalderonRabbi Eiran Davies  |
Rabbi Meni Even-Israel | Dr. Daniel Fainstein | Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield |
Rabbi Aryeh Katzin | Rabbi Elie KaunferJudy Klitsner | Arthur Kurzweil |
Esther Kustanowitz | Gershon Kwasniewski | Rabbi Uri Lam |
Aharon Ariel Lavi | Sarah Lefton | Salvador Litvak | Rabbi Asher Lopatin |
Rabbi Dan Makogon | Dana Pulver | Alicia Jo Rabins | Marni Rein |
Judith Rosenbaum | Rabbi Morey Schwartz | Michaël Sebban |
Rabbi David Silber | Rabbi Meir Tannenbaum |
Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan | Sara Wolkenfeld | Rabbi Mishael Zion |

Schedule of sessions

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00:00Rabbi Adin Even-Israel SteinsaltzWorldwideEnglish (with subtitles)Why Study Biblical Characters?
00:30Rabbi Adin Even-Israel SteinsaltzWorldwideEnglish (with subtitles)Balaam: A Good Criminal Lawyer?
05:00Sarah LeftonSan Francisco, CA, USAEnglishDrawing Meaning Out of Judges (Literally)
07:00Rabbi Meni Even-IsraelJerusalem, IsraelEnglishTBD
12:00Michaël SebbanParis, FranceFrenchThe Nefilim: the secret of the fallen angels (Genesis 6,4)
13:00Rabbi Eiran DaviesStockholm, SwedenEnglishWhen Moses Meets Rabbi Akiva: Time Travel in the Talmud
14:00Rabbi Dan MakogonDnepropetrovsk, UkraineRussianSeven Commandments of Noah
15:00Rabbi Aryeh KatzinBrooklyn, NY, USARussianTBD
15:00Rabbi Elie KaunferNew York, NY, USAEnglishA Prayer with Hidden Biblical Characters: The Mourner’s Kaddish
16:00Arthur Kurzweil Great Neck, NY, USAEnglishAbraham's Servant Wanders Into Sodom
16:30Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield Nashville, TN, USAEnglishJethro: A Non-Jewish Hero of the Jewish People
17:00Rabbi Pinchas Allouche Scottsdale, AZ, USAEnglishThe Cry of Four Biblical Mothers: How to Transform Tears Into Triumph.
17:00Aharon Ariel LaviIsraelEnglishTBD
18:00Ruth Weiss Bergman & Rabbi Morey SchwartzJerusalem, Israel & Detroit, MI, USAEnglishAmalek: Remembering the Arch-Enemy of the Jewish People
18:00Judy Klitsner IsraelEnglishThe Tent, the Field & the Battlefield: Upheavals in the Roles & Fortunes of Biblical Women
18:00Rabbi Asher Lopatin  & Rabbi Peretz Wolf-PrusanRiverdale, NY, USA & San Francisco, CA, USAEnglishThe Entrapments of Balaam, Balak and the Ass
19:00MK Dr. Ruth Calderon IsraelEnglishTBD
20:00Tali Adler & Rabbi Meir TannenbaumNew York, NY & Dallas, TX & Atlanta, GA USAEnglishSatan: Judaism’s most vile villain, or helpful hero? Moderated by Marni Rein.
20:00Alicia Jo Rabins & Judith Rosenbaum Portland, OR, USA & Boston, MA, USAEnglishMiriam: The Complicated Life of a Biblical Woman
21:00Esther Kustanowitz & Sal LitvakIsrael & Los Angeles, CA, USAEnglishEsther, Mordecai and What Happens When Jews Really Do Control the Media
21:00Dana PulverKedumim, IsraelRussianHagar: A Stranger Among Us
21:00Rabbi David SilberNew York, NY, USAEnglishPlaying by the Rules: Samson's Mission
22:00Dr. Daniel FainsteinPanamaSpanishNoah vs. Abraham: Two Solitudes, Two Heroes, Two Ways of Speaking to God
22:00Guershon Kwasniewski & Rabbi Uri LamBahia, Brazil & Porto Alegre, BrazilPortugueseEve: Separation and Wholeness in the Garden of Eden
00:00 Nov 17Sara WolkenfeldChicago, IL, USAEnglishRachel: A Voice for the Ages
01:00 Nov 17Rabbi Mishael ZionPhiladelphia, PA, USAEnglishYoung Moses: Hero or Villain?
Click on the times to see when the sessions begin in YOUR time zone.

Partner Organizations

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Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission is to “Let My People Know”, and he has committed his life’s work to making Jewish texts more accessible. 24×24  propels this vision forward in a digital age. To make this possible we are using Google Hangouts On Air.  Google generously allows not-for-profit organizations free use of this platform, and we are so excited to be the first to use it for Jewish education on this scale. We hope that this platform will become a useful, powerful tool for bringing more Jewish learning to communities and for strengthening Jewish culture worldwide.